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Therapeutic Supervised Visitation (TSV)?


Therapeutic Monitored Visitation (TMV)?


What are the differences between TSV and TMV Visitation?

TSV Visitation:

TSV is a type of visitation that allows parents to visit their children in a safe and appropriate environment. The visit will be supervised by a mental health professional, providing constructive criticism to the parents and helping them resolve issues that might be preventing them to bond with their kids. Parenting education is a major component of TSV.  

Before beginning a therapeutic visitation process whereby a clinician will be monitoring the time spent by a child in the presence of a parent, there will be an obtained informed consent from the parent(s) or legal representative for the child who has authority to consent to treatment. The clinician with then inform the parent of  the clinical process of the supervised parenting time, including the steps that will be taken to maintain the child’s physical and emotional safety.

The parent will be informed that the primary purpose of the court-ordered process will be to improve the child’s relationship with the parent, the child’s comfort level in becoming better acquainted with the parent, as they spend time together, and to provide psycho-educational information to the parent concerning the child’s needs, the child’s emotional safety, and basic parenting tips.

TMV Visitation:

TMV is a type of visitation that allows parents to visit their children in a safe and appropriate environment. Many families struggle with substance use, domestic violence, parenting, and/ or mental health concerns that may require a neutral party to assist with the visitation process. In these cases, one or both Parents may be Ordered to Supervised Visitation.  

Quite often, Parents will start off using a friend or family member to supervised the visits. This arrangement is usually complex and filled with problems related to relationship strains, alliances, biased reporting and monitors who do not understand how to properly document a visit. With such instances, the Parents and/or the Judge will decide that casual (called "nonprofessional") supervision does not work. That is when families begin their search for a Professional Provider of Supervised Visitation Services.  

We can provide both TSV and TMV services both of which record keeping procedures, screening clients, monitoring and documenting visits, and dealing with issues that arise are noted

How do we get started?

First,  determine what type of visitation service for your family needs to satisfy the requirements of governing parties.  If you are unsure, we will walk you through the process with the support of our Staff offering recommendations as needed.

We work with families who have experienced issues related to:

  • Divorce
  • Domestic violence
  • Abuse
  • Conflict
  • Custody disagreement
  • Child service involvement
  • Substance Use
  • Long Periods of Absence Due to Prison, Hospitalization and/ or Other Life Circumstances

Second, both parties are required schedule an intake appointment that includes Interview and Orientation process where we will do the following:

  • gather information about your needs and circumstances
  • receive copies of Court Orders and other important documents
  • receive a copy of your driver’s license, and
  • explain the policies and procedures related to Supervised Visitation

Third, once you have completed this Interview and Orientation and MBIS has determined that we are able to meet the needs of your family, you will be able to schedule your first supervised visit.  Keep in mind that all MBIS visitation staffing have screened for criminal backgrounds been trained in following:

  • CPR/ First Aide and Fire Safety.
  • Child visitation safety protocols.
  • Child abuse and domestic violence monitoring.

Our goal is to support your family and we will make most efforts to ensure the most natural visitation interaction environment for your family engagement.


Do I Need a Referral?

You do not need a referral and we can offer tons of parenting support.

Many of our referrals come from attorneys. We also get cases from Agency for Children's Services (ACS), judges, and other mental health providers.

Things to Know!

TSV is not a replacement for family therapy, individual therapy, or reunification therapy. This service is a visitation and not a clinical service and therefore it is not billable to insurance companies. This service will require fees paid at the time of the service of which rates and responsible parties will be established prior to the visit.

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