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Our Team

Terese MiIlet Joseph, MHC-P Doctorial Student

Primary Therapist

Over the past 16 years, Terese Millet-Joseph has used her unique experiences to better serve clients through a variety of services.

Originally from the island of Antigua, in the Eastern Caribbean, Millet-Joseph’s duties have included professional and curriculum development, human resource management, advocacy work, lectures, workshops, seminars, and therapeutic services.

Millet-Joseph is bilingual and due to living in a variety of places including Antigua & Barbuda, Cuba, Trinidad & Tobago, and Belgium, she brings a unique, multicultural approach to her work.

She is currently a Doctoral Student pursuing a PhD in Human Development & Family Science at Syracuse University. Her research interests include cross-cultural parenting, race relations and disparities, trauma, and mindfulness.

Colette Greenbaum BS, MA (2023)

Clinical Resident

Colette Greenbaum holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Michigan, and a certificate in Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health from the University of Sydney. She is currently pursuing her master's in Mental Health Counseling at New York University. Colette embraces the following: "There is no human deed or thought that lies fully outside the experience of other people." - Irivin D. Yalom. 

She hopes to embody her understanding of humanity, authenticity and empathy in each therapeutic relationship—what she believes to be the foundation of effective therapy. She is committed to supporting her clients in facing life's inevitable challenges and to helping improve mental well-being in accordance with her clients' personal goals and values. She has experience at NYU with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and she incorporates person-centered and psychodynamic approaches in her therapeutic orientation. Colette is also passionate about understanding her clients through an interpersonal lens by exploring their past and current relationships, experiences, and patterns of behavior. She is interested in working with both individuals and couples, and working through adjustment and life transitions, low self-esteem, anxiety and mood disorders, and relational difficulties. Colette hopes to help her clients' reconcile with their pasts and find personal growth in the present. 

Deborah Bothun, BS, MA (2023)

Clinical Resident

With over 20 years of experience, Deborah Bothun has supported clients and companies to aid them in finding and achieving their life goals. She is a seasoned corporate warrior who has supported the growth of executives across many industries including; technology, pharmaceuticals, insurance, entertainment, real estate, finance and clean energy. Borthun has done this with the intent to support their personal and professional well being across their "whole-life."

As a mental health professional today, she supports healthy connections within and between these three foundational relationships; each person's inner life, their interpersonal relationships, and their connection to the larger community. Bothun caters to adults struggling with recognizing their strong capabilities and successes while coming to terms with mental health challenges and life changes. Wherever you are in your journey, she is committed to supporting your growth.

Beyond coaching and counseling, Bothun spends time with her extensively trained therapy dog, Myrtle Ann. She loves riding her bike around Central Park, playing the piano and a really challenging jigsaw puzzle.

Marie N. Gelin, LMHC, MSW, Th.M.

Chief Operating Officer

Marie is a Chief Operating Officer here at MBIS, an EAP provider and clinician with more than 25 years of experience working with mental health and substance dependence disorders in various settings including the formation of MBIS when we were a small and new grassroots organization.

Marie notes "There are times we all can use some support and motivation to make adjustments in our lives. If you are in need for a change and want to make a change ... I would like to help!”

Marie is a caring therapist with many years of clinical experience working with family, couple, individual with mental health issues, adjustment and anxiety disorders, depression, relationship issues, substance abuse and/or addictions. Marie also provides Christian counseling and Clinical Screening & Assessment of DUI/DWI of Impaired Driving Offenders. Through empathy approach, Marie helps client discover new avenues to address issues that are impacting or threatening their well-being, take control over of their daily stressors and look forward to a new beginning."

Marie regards that treatment outcomes as client driven. Marie is nonjudgmental and offer a safe space to listen and helps client step-by-step during the recovery process. Throughout the healing phase, Marie utilizes different techniques from Solution Focused, Cognitive behavioral, Motivational Interviewing, Eclectic Therapy and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy to achieve desired goal to total wellness.

Josephine Chia Jung Chen, MHC, MA, MS

Primary Therapist

As a Chinese American, Josephine ChiaJung Chen embraces intersectionality and how it takes a multicultural, contextual approach to understanding life and identity.

She believes a positive relational bond is characterized by personal warmth, empathy, and acceptance. The positive relationship builds up trust and encourages self-disclosure.

In every session, Chen emphasizes a supportive, reliable environment in which her clients feel comfortable to explore their feelings, beliefs, and identify aspects.

Chen takes a person centered approach to her which places the individual's needs in the forefront of healing. She also utilizes Exposure Therapy, CBT, and mindfulness techniques to equip clients with the insight and skills to face and overcome life’s challenges.

She provides individual, couples, family, and group psychotherapy to individuals of any age, ethnicity, race, gender, or religion. She has worked with clients with panic attacks, phobias, ASD, ADHD, depression, relationship issues, parenting issues, behavioral issues, and academic issues. She provides counseling in English and Mandarin.

每個人都值得擁有美好的生活。情緒健康是一種有效應對生活並與他人建立令人滿意的關係的能 力。我相信正面的關係特點是個人溫暖、同理心和接受。正面積極的關係可以建立信任並鼓勵敞 開心懷諮詢。我將為客戶創造一個舒適、支持和可靠的環境,讓他們能夠更自在地探索自己的感 受、信念,並確定他們想要改變的生活方面,更好地了解自己和他人,設定個人目標,朝著期望 的方向努力改變,並達到預期的結果。

作為一名華裔美國人,我擁有跨交流溝通能力,並採用多元文化、情境化的方法來理解你的生活 和身份特性。我為任何年齡、種族、種族、性別或宗教的個人提供個人、夫妻、家庭和團體心理 治療。我曾與患有驚恐發作、恐懼症、ASD、ADHD、抑鬱症、人際關係問題、育兒問題、行為 問題和學術問題的客戶一起工作。


我認為我的工作是一種以人為本的方法,將個人的需求放在治療的最前沿,並鼓勵個人做出改變。 我還利用情境療法、CBT 和正念技術為客戶提供洞察及自我觀察力和技能,以面對和克服生活中 的挑戰。

Aron Sanabria, BA, MA (2023)

Clinical Resident

Aron Sanabria is a current Graduate student at New York University studying Mental Health counseling and Wellness. He has a B.A in Psychology with a concentration in Forensics from the University of New Haven. Before being a Resident here at MBIS, Aron worked as a Residential Advisor at Youth Continuum in Connecticut. Here, Aron was a key member of the program team participating in the care, behavioral intervention and support of group home youth. Aron holds certifications in Mental Health First-Aid and Sexual Harassment Prevention.

Aron utilizes a wide variety of techniques such as Person-Centered Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Strength Based Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. From previous experiences, Aron has worked with all ages and families from a diverse set of racial and socioeconomic backgrounds. Aron has experiences working with individuals, couples and groups living with anxiety, depression, panic disorders, schizophrenia, and trauma.

Aron was also a four year Collegiate Track Athlete at the University of New Haven. In his free time, Aron enjoys working out, trying new foods and loves making new connections and building relationships.

Yanique Blake, CAM-I

Certified Anger Management Specialist-I, Certified Supervised Visitation Monitor

As a mother, Yanique Blake's time has been shared in caring for others as she does her own, with undoubtful charisma and professionalism.

She obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Education from The Mico University College where she majored in Special Education and Educational Assessment. Blake has also completed numerous levels of certification as an Anger Management Specialist and Supervised Visitation Monitor.

Throughout her career, she has developed immense leadership and dedicates her time by molding herself in understanding the dynamics of human social and mental development. Using her foundational skills and experience by contributing to building an adult and teen group to her portfolio.

Blake is both intrinsically and extrinsically motivated and uses her skills and compassion to devote her time in meeting the needs of her clients. She has worked with children and young adults for over 13 years and has committed her life in mentoring over these years.

She continues to embrace her talent in making others happy and commits to her duties as a motivational speaker; volunteering at children's homes, churches, hospitals, and high schools here in New York as well as back home in Jamaica. Blake believes that everyone has a voice and everyone deserves a second chance in becoming a better ideal self. Her mantra is "helping one person might not change the world but it could change the world for one person. "

Reginald D. Edwards CAM-I

Team Leader/ Certified Anger Management Specialist-I, Certified Supervised Visitation Monitor

Reginald the team leader for several of our non-clinical programs.  He is certified to lead the programs that he manages which are educational and observational.

The Anger Management program of which he leads is one his favorite programs of which he has many opportunities to share clients with his clinical cohorts.  Reginald encourages collaboration in care for the most successful outcomes.  Many of Reginald's referrals are self -referred, legal mandates and employer referrals.

As a father, Reginald knows the  responsibility of providing physical and emotional safety of the minors.  The Supervised Visitation Program allows Reginald and referents an opportunity to model healthy parenting and solution focused interactions resulting in positive outcomes.

Alena Shamakhovia BS, MA (2023)

Clinical Resident

Alena currently pursues a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and Wellness at NYU. She pursues her residency at Mind-Body and Inner-Self Wellness. For her, studying and practicing psychology is not only a growing passion but also her true calling in life. Her own experience of psychotherapy in the role of a client contributed to tremendous personal growth and life changing transformative experiences.

As a Russian American practitioner born and raised in Vladivostok, Russia, Alena has practical experience counseling Russian-speaking clients. She provides psychotherapy for emotional dysregulation, anxiety, depression, existential crisis, self-esteem, self-actualization, and relationship problems. She takes the mindfulness and strength-based approaches to help her clients explore and validate their feelings, strengths, and resourcefulness. Alena helps her clients to work through childhood traumas, self-limiting beliefs, and low self-worth. Which oftentimes create obstacles preventing clients from unlocking their true potential.

Alena believes that communication of empathy, belief, and acceptance during therapy sets the stage for producing positive therapeutic change. While exploring the uniqueness of her client’s life journey, she adheres to the culturally sensitive approach and develops a treatment plan tailored to her client’s specific needs and personal goals.

Alena completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Baruch College. Her interest in the work of the mind and mental processes on a molecular level guided her to complete the course “Fundamentals of Neuroscience” at Harvard University. Alena’s passion for mental health counseling has guided her through years of work and pursuit of academic and professional paths in the field of psychology. She provides therapy in both English and Russian languages.

At her leisure time, Alena enjoys riding a bicycle, swimming, attending Bikram Yoga and Zumba dance classes, spending time in nature, and meditating. She is passionate about traveling, meeting new people, and learning about new cultures.

Bio translated into Russian language:

Алена в данный момент получает степень магистра психотерапевта в New York University. Так же она проходит практику в психологическом центре «Mind-Body and Inner-Self Wellness». Ее личный опыт психотерапии в роли клиента повлиял на ее мощный личностный рост и жизненную трансформацию. 

Работая русско-американским психотерапевтом, Алена родилась и выросла в России. У неё есть практический опыт консультирования русскоговорящих клиентов. Она проводит терапию для клиентов с проблемами контроля эмоций, тревоги, депрессии, экзистенциального кризиса, уверенностью в себе, самореализации, и партнёрских отношений. Она использует подходы психотерапии, направленные на развитие осознанности и навыков, способствующие исследованию чувств и развитию эмоционального интеллекта, сильных качеств личности, и ресурсного состояния. Алена помогает клиентам проработать детские травмы, ограничивающие убеждения, и низкую самооценку, что сдерживает их от раскрытия полного потенциала. 

Алена верит в то, что транслируя эмпатию, веру, и принятие во время терапии способствует позитивным терапевтическим улучшениям. Изучая уникальный жизненный путь клиентов, она использует культурный подход в терапии и создает индивидуальный план лечения, исходя из их целей и предпочтений.

Алена получила степень бакалавра в психологии в Baruch College. Из интереса к организации сознания и его ментальных процессов на молекулярном уровне она прошла курс «Основы Нейронауки» в Harvard University. Ее страсть к психотерапии стимулирует ее получать образование и расширять компетенцию в сфере психологии.  Алена предоставляет терапию на английском и русском языках. 

В свободное время Алена наслаждается катанием на велосипеде, плаванием, занятиями Бикрам Йога и танцами Зумба, проведением времени на природе, и медитацией. 

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