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Partnering with the community to offer HOPE since 2008




Trauma and PTSD

Visitation and Legal

We Give HOPE

Law-abiding and responsible citizens can make a community thrive. At Mind-Body And Inner-Self Wellness and Consulting LLC in Kew Gardens, New York, we strive to help people become productive members of the community through the following behavioral health and counseling services:

  • Department of Transportation (DOT) Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Assessments
  • New York State DWI/DUI (Driving While Intoxicated/Driving Under the Influence) Assessments
  • Court-Approved Anger Management Training (With Certification Upon Completion)
  • Corporate Seminars

Our Mission

In 2008, we aligned with the Mind-Body and Inner-Self Mental Health Counseling PLLC to become a for-profit organization partnering with communities to offer comprehensive and individualized opportunities as well as HOPE:

Healthy healing for the mind, body, spirit, and soul

Opportunities and self-enlightenment for individual and community

Positive support through fostering independence

Elevation from a current state of being

Our Vision

We are vested in partnering with individual and community stakeholders to enhance families, behavioral health, and legal conditions, as well as treat addictions. Our organization also strives to promote healing through safety within the communities that we share.

Our experienced, multidisciplinary team of specialists provide the most comprehensive treatment program for lasting recovery.

  • Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Social Workers and Life Coaches
  • Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselors
  • Certified Gambling Specialists
  • Organizational Psychologists
  • Career Coaching


Professional Certifications and Licenses: 

  • Prolonged Exposure Therapy or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PE)-STRONG STAR
  • Trauma Systems Therapy (TST)-NYU Child Study Center
  • Seeking Safety/ Domestic Violence- SAMHSA
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Social Workers and Life Coaches
  • Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselors
  • Certified Gambling Specialists
  • Organizational Psychologists
  • Career Coaching
  • Primary and Advanced Certification  in REBT/ Albert Ellis Institute #TPMC69
  • Certified Anger Management Specialists NAMA
  • New Jersey Telehealth Licensed Provider : License # TH70
  • Florida Telehealth Registered  Provider #TPMC694
  • Florida Telehealth Certification #CTP100110


Felicia Ivey, Chief Executive Officer PhD, MA, LMHC, MCAP, SAP, CAMS-II , 

As the Chief Executive Officer of Mind-Body and Inner-Self Mental Health Counseling Services and the Board Chairperson for Start Treatment and Recovery Centers of New York, Felicia Ivey has continuously worked to improve the mental health of her community.

With more than 25 years of experience in substance dependence disorders, she has operated in a plethora of roles including Organizational Administrator, Adjunct Professor, corporate trainer and clinician.  Felicia provides direct supervision to residents and students completing their final clinical hours for licensing from SUNY Buffalo, New York University and Alfred University. 

As the 2022 Ladies in Leadership awardee, Felicia has been committed to serving the New York, New Jersey and Florida communities while exhibiting leadership skills that have helped her organization grow. Her numerous skills including organizational supervision and compliance management, curriculum training and community outreach have helped her achieve countless success in organizational reviews by monitoring agents.

Felicia has spent a large part of her career developing teams and partnering with community stakeholders to achieve long term positive outcomes. As the board chairman of Start Treatment and Recovery Centers of New York, Felicia has worked to usher in talent such as Johnnel Doris, the former commissioner of the nation’s largest small business and workforce City agency.

Since the pandemic, Felicia has focused her efforts on bringing awareness of mental health in relation to unionized  and public service workers. Her work and dedication has led to countless referrals directly from transit workers, their families and the UAP Counselors.

Presently, much of her focus has been dedicated to the treatment of those suffering from addictions, mood disorders, the LGBTQ+ community, trauma and the readjustment to civilian status from military careers.

Operating Officer: Marie N. Gelin, LMHC, MSW, Th.M.

Marie is a Chief Operating Officer here at MBIS, an EAP provider and clinician with more than 25 years of experience working with mental health and substance dependence disorders in various settings including the formation of MBIS when we were a small and new grassroots organization.

Marie notes "There are times we all can use some support and motivation to make adjustments in our lives. If you are in need for a change and want to make a change ... I would like to help!”

Marie is a caring therapist with many years of clinical experience working with family, couple, individual with mental health issues, adjustment and anxiety disorders, depression, relationship issues, substance abuse and/or addictions. Marie also provides Christian counseling and Clinical Screening & Assessment of DUI/DWI of Impaired Driving Offenders. Through empathy approach, Marie helps client discover new avenues to address issues that are impacting or threatening their well-being, take control over of their daily stressors and look forward to a new beginning."

Marie regards that treatment outcomes as client driven. Marie is nonjudgmental and offer a safe space to listen and helps client step-by-step during the recovery process. Throughout the healing phase, Marie utilizes different techniques from Solution Focused, Cognitive behavioral, Motivational Interviewing, Eclectic Therapy and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy to achieve desired goal to total wellness.

Team Leader/Featured Therapist:  Kirk Rooks, MHC, MS, CASAC

With over 15 years of experience as a mental health clinician and NYS credentialed CASAC , Kirk Rooks has continued to aid members of his community. He has worked with mental health and substance dependence disorders in various settings.

Rooks utilizes Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused Therapy, Prolonged Exposure Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to achieve these measurable results.

He treats the needs of those who suffer with mood conditions, relationship stressors, minority related concerns, trauma and addictions.

As a team leader, Rooks is tasked with conducting all substance and mood altering assessments and referrals for those in need of addiction services. He also facilitates all intakes and screenings for the entire clinical team while monitoring and supervising his own team of interns. He leads a diverse mental health team right here in New York City.

Rooks is also a former pro athlete and a proud member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. 

Featured Therapist: Josephine,  ChiaJung Chen MS, MA, MHC-P

Everyone is deserved a good life. Emotional wellness is an ability to cope effectively with life and build satisfying relationships with others. I believe the positive relational bond is characterized by personal warmth, empathy, and acceptance. The positive relationship builds up the trust and encourage the self-disclosure. I will create a comfortable, supportive and reliable environment for clients where they feel more comfortable to explore their feelings, beliefs, and identify aspects of their lives that they would like to change, better understand themselves and others, set personal goals, work toward desired change, and achieving the desired outcome.

As a Chinese American, I embrace intersectionality and how it takes a multicultural, contextual approach to understanding your life and identity. I provide individual, couples, family, and group psychotherapy to individuals of any age, ethnicity, race, gender, or religion. I have worked with clients with panic attacks, phobias, ASD, ADHD, depression, relationship issues, parenting issues, behavioral issues, and academic issues. I can provide counseling in English and Mandarin.

I consider my work to be a person centered approach which places the individuals needs and in the forefront of healing and encourages the individuals to make change. I also utilize Exposure Therapy, CBT, and mindfulness techniques to equip clients with the insight and skills to face and overcome life’s challenges.

每個人都值得擁有美好的生活。情緒健康是一種有效應對生活並與他人建立令人滿意的關係的能 力。我相信正面的關係特點是個人溫暖、同理心和接受。正面積極的關係可以建立信任並鼓勵敞 開心懷諮詢。我將為客戶創造一個舒適、支持和可靠的環境,讓他們能夠更自在地探索自己的感 受、信念,並確定他們想要改變的生活方面,更好地了解自己和他人,設定個人目標,朝著期望 的方向努力改變,並達到預期的結果。

作為一名華裔美國人,我擁有跨交流溝通能力,並採用多元文化、情境化的方法來理解你的生活 和身份特性。我為任何年齡、種族、種族、性別或宗教的個人提供個人、夫妻、家庭和團體心理 治療。我曾與患有驚恐發作、恐懼症、ASD、ADHD、抑鬱症、人際關係問題、育兒問題、行為 問題和學術問題的客戶一起工作。我可以提供英語和普通話的諮詢。

我認為我的工作是一種以人為本的方法,將個人的需求放在治療的最前沿,並鼓勵個人做出改變。 我還利用情境療法、CBT 和正念技術為客戶提供洞察及自我觀察力和技能,以面對和克服生活中 的挑戰。

Featured Therapist: Terese Millet Joseph, MHC-P, Doctoral Student

Terese Millet Joseph is a Mental Health Counselor, from the island of Antigua, in the Eastern Caribbean. She has been working in this field for the past 17 years. Terese is bilingual, and has lived, worked, and studied in Antigua & Barbuda, Cuba, Trinidad & Tobago, Belgium, and the USA. This allows her to bring an objective, congenial and multicultural approach to her work. She is a Doctoral Candidate at Syracuse University in Syracuse NY, where she is pursuing a PhD in Human Development & Family Science. Her research interests include Parental Ethnic-Racial Socialization, Ethnic-Racial Identity, Minority Stress, Africana Studies, Latin American & Caribbean Studies, and Trauma.

Team Leader /Featured Therapist: Courtney Tinder, LMHC, MA

As a mental health counselor, Courtney Tinder has used her leadership skills and experiences as a counselor to help and educate those in substance abuse/mental health facilities.

Tinder received her Master's degree in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling from the University of South Florida in 2018, and became licensed as a Mental Health Counselor in 2020. She specializes in substance abuse and is certified in SMART Recovery.

Tinder also has experience as a court liaison, bridging the gap between the criminal justice system and the therapeutic community.

In her continued role as a team leader, she is currently supervising student interns in Florida and New York. She has previously partnered with USF, NOVA, HCC, Palo Alto University, and St. Lei's, and is currently working with NYU and Buffalo State.

Tinder is passionate about taking an empowering approach in her clinical work. She utilizes strength-based modalities, and strives to meet individuals where they are in order to facilitate insight and positive changes.



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